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Frequently asked questions

Why would I need a Simply Nevaeh Silk eye mask?

*If you find it difficult to sleep and stay asleep

*If you TRAVEL FREQUENTLY and stay in unfamiliar places like hotels

*If you are a SHIFT WORKER

*If you LIVE in a BRIGHT location such as a City centre

*If you want to wake REFRESHED with your skin HYDRATED and PAMPERED

Can a Simply Nevaeh Silk Eye Mask help me sleep better?

Sleeping in DARK conditions increases melatonin production, REM sleep and IMPROVES sleep quality. Our Silk Eye Masks help minimise light infiltration and even the blue light from electronic devices inside your bedroom resulting in a DEEPER, more RELAXING and COMFORTING sleep.

How do I care for my Simply Nevaeh silk product?

Handwashing silk will refresh and rejuvenate the fabric.

Avoid detergents which often contain enzymes and brighteners which can attack silk.

USE a product designed especially for silk.

Drying- Wet silk may yellow on a radiator or in direct sunlight.
In the Tumble dryer, your silk may suffer from the friction and the lack of humidity.
AVOID both of these methods.

Silk is best hung to airdry and iron while still slightly damp.

Wondering when's the RIGHT TIME to begin a skincare routine?

Well, it never hurts to start early with any skincare or beauty ritual. Infact, by your 20th birthday you should’ve already taken anti-ageing seriously! Oxidative stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants, visible HEV blue light and other toxins and irritants can age us faster and much younger. All of which can lead to collagen breakdown, fine lines and skin-ageing changes.

It doesn’t matter about your AGE, GENDER or ETHNICITY, all skin has the same basic needs.

LOOK AFTER it and you will REAP REWARDS and your skin will THANK YOU for it!


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