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For everyone

Our silk products are for all the family


Why leave the Little Ones out?

They can benefit just as we can from all the attributes of Silk.

In fact, Silk is the most COMFORTABLE, GENTLE and SOFT fabric that we as parents can give our mini-me’s!

Make that bedtime LESS TRAUMATIC and difficult TEARY mornings become a thing of the past.

Try Simply Nevaeh!


Most men have many of the same concerns that women have especially when it comes to looking good and feeling young.

Try the Simply Nevaeh sleep eye mask exquisitely made from 100% soft Mulberry long fibre grade 6A silk and filled with the highest quality PURE silk floss and liner. The comfortably wide elastic band is also covered in the same high quality silk to protect your hair as you sleep.

Our Eye Mask will help you RELAX and fall asleep with EASE at HOME or whilst TRAVELLING.

SMOOTH and SOFT, protecting your skin from damage whilst you sleep.

Silk will not absorb natural moisture from your face- providing better hydration which means clearer skin as the end result.

Wake up feeling REFRESHED and HYDRATED with best of all – ZERO EFFORT!


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Simply Nevaeh – Simply Heavenly