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“I really do like the eye mask. It’s very soft on my skin – divine!”


“I bought a beautifully packaged silk eye mask in Duck Egg Blue colour this weekend that has both hyaluronic acid and argan oil. I slept so well and shut the world out. My eyes looked so bright in the morning.”


“Ooh it was lovely! It really does work !! I didn’t wear it last night and my husband said he noticed the difference.”


“I slept with my eye mask last night and it was gorgeous.”


“I feel like I have a little treasure in a box.. I couldn’t wait to use it last night and I can tell you I slept better and my eyes were feeling so much better this morning. The feeling of silk over the eyes is so relaxing and it feels so good! I really love my eye mask! Best purchase ever!”


“Well, I have to say it felt so beautiful on my face, I love it!”


“I absolutely love this. Thank you sooo much. I’m away for the weekend and this is the icing on the cake in terms of relaxation. I was given the pink leopard print mask as a gift for my Birthday and I absolutely LOVE IT! It is so soft, comfy and blocks out all the light. Only problem is now I never want to take it off! Thank you so much zzzz”

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